Our Heritage

With annual sales of over $200 million, a lot has changed from the days back at the mill in New England. It once took over three weeks to make a few barrels of vinegar. Today, we can produce over 200,000 cases of juice in a single day, but we still take great care and pride in creating the world's finest quality beverages.

Most importantly, from day one, we have remained a business that prides itself on its people. It is the people of Veryfine who have improved our products to satisfy the changing tastes and lifestyles of consumers.

History of Innovation

It was Veryfine that actually created the single-serve juice and juice drink category in convenience stores back in the early 80’s when we introduced our 10 oz. size.

In addition, we virtually created the juice and juice drink vending business in 1981 and then became the first company capable of "hot filling" aluminum beverage cans in 1984,

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